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With more than 100 Mud Logging units, PETRO SERVICES MIDDLE EAST “PSME” Provides a full range of rig monitoring, data acquisition, mud logging and drilling engineering services. The standard mud logging and rig monitoring services are based around our online computerized units (PSL system), which is an intelligent, multi-tasking, real time data acquisition and monitoring system. It accepts inputs from of all the sensors and provides real time monitoring with audio-visual alarms and error messages of parameters with output to 19” LCD, chart recorders, and printers.


The complete service for the provision of the Mud Logging services will include but not necessarily limited to:

  • Geological sampling, processing and litho-logical description of the drilled cuttings, correlate cuttings, interpretation and correlation of the drilled formation by the mud loggers or geologists.

  • Analysis of cuttings and cores saturation, analysis of the gases librated from the formation while drilling and continual detection of all parameters for both drilling and mud.

  • The services is controlled and supervised by professional well educated and trained geologist and mud loggers to ensure an excellent service performance.

  • All Mud Logging Cabins are capable of providing and receiving ASCII data stream.



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