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Equipment Rental (Drill Pipes, Mud Motors, Jars, Shocks, Stabilizers, Reamers Safety Valves and Float Subs, Three point Roller Reamers, String and near bit steel and non magnetic Stabilizers, BHA and drill string components Standard and Heavy Weight Drill Pipe and Drill Collars Drill string handling equipment Fishing and Milling services Fishing jars and Bumper subs Overshot and grapples Conventional fishing Casing and Junk Milling Plugging and abandonment Under reaming Thru tubing fishing Milling Tools Casing and Tubing running Casing and tubing running Automated Tong Systems Drill Pipe Power Tongs Tubing and casing supply Casing drilling equipment services and accessories Cementing equipment and accessories Casing Centralizers Liner hangers and equipment Pressure Control and flow Line equipment BOP supply and servicing Flow line valve repair and servicing BOP and flow line valve pressure Testing spare part and seal supplies).


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