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Petro services Drilling Engineering “PSDE” is an international oil and gas service company headquartered in Egypt, with principal office in Cairo and main branches in U.A.E.
Petro Services Drilling Engineering was established- in by highly professional international teams, who have accumulated  more than 25 years experience in mud business, supply international companies with high performance drilling chemicals as per API specification and running the operations with high experience mud engineers worked in many different international companies in Gulf area and around the world.
PSDE  fully appreciates the importance of new technology in order to their drilling performance such as High Performance Water Base aid operators companies to improve Mud which has proved to be time after time an excellent water based mud alternative to OBM in terms of drill ability, hole stability etc. In addition PSDE can experience OBM.
Petro Service Drilling Engineering can provide a whole range of drilling fluids solutions to most of the Operators Companies. We have an extensive infrastructure already established in Egypt and can bring to the table an international operating requirements, drilling efficiencies and logistics support.
Petro Services bridging system is new bridging technologies used to deform and bridge in larger pore throats or fractures found in formation such as sand or limestone, it designed to meet multiple challenges posed in wells where there is a fine line between differential sticking, mud losses and wellbore stability issues.


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